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LEOSA Qualification Course: $50

This is needed to comply with State and Federal LEOSA/HR218 standards. A valid LTC, retirement ID, and handgun is needed for this service. A $10 discount per person is given if qualifying a group of 2 or more.

Fingerprinting Services: $15

     All fingerpringinting is completed by a law enforcement officer to meet industry standards. These can be used   for a federal UPIN, C&R FFL applications, and any non resident LTC applications where submitting fingerprints are required.

Rhode Island Qualification Course:  $60

     This live fire test is required for a non resident permit in Rhode Island. This fee also includes the required            fingerprints. Be advised, the RI non resident permit requires patience to obtain, as the application process is       very time consuming and tedious. The application and instructions can be found HERE. Group rate of $50 per     person given if multiple parties sign-up. Student is responsible for providing ammunition (60 rounds) and             firearm. Firearm rental is available for $10.

Boston Moon Island Practice Test:  $50

Before obtaining a LTC in Boston, applicants must appear at the Boston Police firing range and pass a shooting test. I provide an identical practice test to prepare you. I use the same target and firearm (Ruger GP100). This service gives you a total of 50 rounds of practice.